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Here are twenty important questions to think about when considering a retirement community:

August 17, 2020 8:14 PM | Anonymous

1.     How are visits with residents facilitated/managed during the Covid-19 pandemic?

2.     Were you greeted by the staff in a warm and friendly manner?

3.     Were you able to speak with residents? Can someone vouch for warm and friendly interactions between staff and residents?

4.     Do you like the outward appearance of the residence and is the interior clean, attractive and free of questionable odors?

5.     Did you discuss the person’s needs and do you believe the staff can provide the appropriate support for your family member, including in an emergency?

6.     Do staff only work at one facility at a time? 

7.     Were the financial requirements, contracts, and costs clearly explained?

8.     Is it clear to you, under what circumstances a resident might be discharged?

9.     When may a contract be terminated and what are the refund policies?

10.  Can different levels of care be accommodated at the facility?

11.  Are there RNs or Caregivers on the premises to provide for care needs? These needs may include: assistance with dressing, hygiene and grooming, transferring and mobility, bathing, toileting and incontinence, meals, medication and treatments, using the telephone, shopping, laundry, housekeeping, transportation to doctors or hairdressers. Do you feel satisfied that the staff providing these services have sufficient training and are compassionate and responsive to residents’ needs?

12.  Do you know what information, documents and tests are required by the residence prior to a move?

13.  Do you have a choice about using the residence’s furniture or bringing the resident’s familiar belongings?

14.  Does the residence offer concierge services?

15.  Are the rooms private or semi-private? Does each room have a private bathroom, if appropriate?

16.  Ask about telephone services, cable and Internet. How is billing handled?

17.  What are policies about meals and healthy choices? Can the kitchen provide special diets as needed?

18.  What is the pet policy?

19.  Did you see the activity calendar? Are the activities of interest? Are there activities and outings away from the residence?

20.  Would you feel comfortable as a visitor or resident there?

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