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Quebec Successions In Civil Law & Estate Planning For France - 09/23

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Included: Video Recording / Slides / (1.5 hours) Do you have clients with relatives, property, inheritances or business in Quebec or France? Learn about inheritance, tax, and planning strategies for residents and non residents. We start with a comparison between a Civil Law Succession vs a Common Law Estate and the second part of our presentation is Preparing for France. Part 1: Civil Law Succession vs Common Law Estate 70% of transfers of assets on death are governed by Civil Law What are the key differences between a Civil Law Succession and a Common Law Estate? Taxation on death in Civil Law jurisdictions: Succession Duties payable by the heirs Double taxation : Can\US\UK tax the deceased - Civil Law countries tax the heirs No domestic trusts in Civil Law countries ( except QC) Part 2 : Preparing for France France is a unique tax jurisdiction : Succession Duties 15%-60% on gross assets If an adult child is transferred to France for work, what is the impact for Canadian parents and their estate planning ? is the child a beneficiary of a trust: annual disclosure to French Tax authorities If a Canadian wishes to acquire an apartment in Paris or a villa in the South of France : how to defeat Forced Heirship ? How to reduce Wealth Tax on real estate ( Impôt sur la fortune Immobilière )? How to reduce French Succession Duties ? Presenters: Louise Houle, LL.M., TEP - Avocate-conseil • Counsel DE GRANDPRÉ CHAIT S.E.N.C.R.L./LLP - Montreal --- Marie Catesson head of Estate Planning at the law firm Fidal LLP - France Sebastien Laisney, head of Taxation at Fidal LLP - France Fidal is the largest law firm in France: 2,200 lawyers in 87 offices across France.

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